Media / BD Professional - SciComms, MarComms, Analysis, Legal, Finance, BOD, Management, Strategic Planning, 3D Publicity, Advertising, Film, Interactive, Animation, Music TV, Design.

Dedicated to Disseminating the Transformative Science of Stem & Cell Therapeutics via @msemporda.

Michael's career has been focused in technology and communication. His history reflects an interest and forward vision in successfully marketing breakthrough innovation in commercial enterprises.  

In 2008 Michael chose to investigate the emerging field of medical innovation. This decision was driven by family & issues relating to health. By applying his analytical skills he became familiar with the technologies & players involved. After years of fundamental research Michael established “@msemporda,” the dog, as a social media vehicle to focus on communicating analysis & developments in the RegenMed & Cell Therapy field. By way of independent community engagement he has built a diverse following. From his origins as an anonymous online voice supporting the sector’s investor community, to his expanding presence in social media & engagement with the scientific community, he has now established himself as a noted SciComm Analyst & Sector Advocate.

Prior to leading 3D Media, Michael served as an Executive Producer on Jeff Wayne Music Group's "The War Of The Worlds" 3D projects while Head of Digital Media of Pop-i Media, a UK based TV studio. He joined Pop-i from one of the earliest movers in broadband software, Fantastic Corp, where he led the media content teams. Before that, he served as MD & Executive Producer of a publishing division of one of the oldest UK software development companies, Epic Group plc. (now LTG plc). He began his career as a PR executive & film producer for Elyse England & Salah Hassanein, then President of Warner Brothers International Theaters.

"Advocacy for Cures"​ through Social Media Outreach/Engagement & On-Site at Industry Conferences & Events. Cheers







Michael Cea - Career Overview:

@msemporda - Stem Cell Sector Analyst / Advocate - 2008 - Present
Santa Barbara area, California, US

Researcher / Reporter via Social Media Platforms - Science Due Diligence, Content Dissemination, Educational Awareness & Patient Advocacy.

The dog "msemporda" is the handle. The mission is bridging translational science via education, outreach & engagement: "Advocacy for Cures." The means is via social media reporting, commentary & sector interaction. 

Active on various public & community platforms, including as a contributor to SignalsPaul Knoepfler's Blog, Stem Cell Assays by Alexey Bersenev & iCell.  

Specific and targeted science reporting, due diligence reviews, news feeds, commentary and analysis adds breadth and reach to Michael's outreach & sector engagement. Regular postings on scientific developments, data analysis, information dissemination, business news reporting, financial/legal due diligence, patient advocacy, commentary & debate in a manner relevant & pertinent to all stakeholders.

3D Media International - Founder & Executive Producer - 2004 – Present 
Santa Barbara, California Area

Overseas venture arm of 3D Media Group, dedicated to establishing and servicing international distributors & resellers of 3D Impact Graphics solutions. Until mid-2016 based out of Barcelona, Spain. Currently building out the product portfolio to include MediaTech solutions for advertising and promotional led digital applications in the US.

3D Media Group - Global Ad Prod. - Executive Producer - 2002 - 2009
BCN Spain (HQ), US, UK, Norway

Pioneer, patent holder & global leader in 3D print & holographic technology for Brand Advertisers. Who's who of agency/major accounts serviced. 4 offices & international reps in key regional markets. Divested.

During Michael Cea’s leadership of 3D Media, he moved the company’s headquarters from NYC to Barcelona and expanded internationally, opening up a network of new agents in Asia, the Middle East and S. America. The pioneering products of the company’s patented technologies were launched as unique solutions within the below-the-line advertising & PR fields, with best-in-class exposure & impact to cost ratios. Key accounts were established with all the leading agencies and product category leaders. The now established medium of 3D print publicity was invented by the company. Michael oversaw all management and creative direction of the group’s global activities, including successfully defending the company patents’ against an industial powerhouse and winning a large legal settlement against the co’s US distributor. 3D Media Group's silent partner was Petter Sundt of Norway.

Brand Clients (selection)
Agency Clients

Pop-i Media - National Music TV - Head of Digital Media - 2000 - 2002
London, UK

Cutting edge live & recorded music programming producers with converted factory studio complex broadcasting online & via integrated interactive online portal. Pop, rock & classical stars - BBC, iTV & regional. Govt. & EEC development funded.

Part of the mgt. team that transformed the organization from a full-service production company to a leading technology service provider and industry mover in on-line publishing, iTV media solutions & eLearning.

Fantastic - Global Broadband Media - Product Manager - 1998 - 2000
Zurich, Switzerland

First satellite delivered interactive streaming service for media app loaded devices - Eurosport, Music Choice, Reuters News & Finance, MTV, The Weather Channel via British Telecom, Deutsche Telecom, NTT, Hughes, Telstra +... HQ team. 7 offices, 350+ staff internationally - Group IPO.

Michael moved to Switzerland to be part of one of the earliest pioneers in broadband software, The Fantastic Corporation, where he was responsible for managing the development and deployment of the company’s media & entertainment projects internationally, launching the industry’s first multicast broadband content channels.

Main Partners

Live Channels

Eagle Peak/Epic Group plc (now LTG plc) - Global Digital Media
JV MD & Executive Producer - 1993 - 1998 - London/Brighton, UK

Category innovator of disc based interactive multimedia/game products with major studio licensing deals w/ Japanese, UK/European & USA copyright owners. 200+ skus & 150+ group staff. Group IPO.

An early partner in the venture was David Van Eyssen, son of John Van Eyssen, actor, agent & senior production executive in the film industry (was Managing Director of Columbia Pictures UK).

Publishing Div. Partners (selection)

Hassanein/England Productions - Global Feature Films - Producer - 1988 - 1993

Development exec of filmed content in boutique outfit linked to a major studio & indies with dev/output deals. Producers of romantic comedies, horror & action features. Silicon Graphics CGI effects studio formed w Oscar winning LA outfit Todd-AO. At the time Salah Hassanein was President of Warner Brothers International Theatres.

SMH Exec. Produced Films

TEC/MCT Mexico - National Cellular Systems - Partner - 1986 - 1988
Mexico City/NYC, US

Project initiator & team catalyst in the development of integrated system engineering & network rights applications for cellular phone spectrum licensing in Mexico w/ US cellular pioneer Donald DePriest, Pemex executives & the President of Mexico, Miguel de la Madrid's family. Govt. partnered.

US/Mexican Development Team w/ Political Alliances

Mkt. & Ad. Workshop - Local PR/Events - Account Executive - 1985 - 1988

Coordinator of press & media placement for account managers - jewelry, fragrance & toiletries, feature films, actors & celebrities.

Fabergé, Cary Grant, Farrah Fawcett, Margaux Hemingway, Joe Namath...

Dorian Grey Labs - Local Fragrance & Cosmetics - Partner - 1985 - 1986

Prime mover of a new concept in personal care for men - product development, packaging & business development. Project sale.