Expert marketing & public communications manager, with a hands-on business development history in the healthcare sector. I have extensive operations experience, having been responsible for the sales and client relations of various marketing ventures, including a fast-paced publicity agency, where I provided customers with market development, digital media & outreach solutions.

I'm dedicated to disseminating the transformative science of cell based therapeutics through digital advocacy and outreach projects..

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In 2008 I chose to investigate the emerging field of medical innovation. This decision was driven by family and issues relating to health. By applying my analytical skills I became familiar with the underlying technologies and innovation players involved. After years of fundamental research I established “@msemporda,” the dog, as a marketing vehicle to focus on communicating analysis and developments in the RegenMed & Cell Therapy field. By way of independent community engagement I slowly built a diverse following. From my origins as an online voice supporting the sector’s funding efforts, to my expanding presence in social media, marketing & engagement projects with the translational medicine community, I have now established myself as a noted SciComm Analyst, Sector Consultant and Patient Care Advocate.

"Advocacy for Cures"​ consultancy through Social Media Outreach/Engagement & On-Site at Industry Conferences & Events. 


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@msemporda - Stem Cell Sector Analyst / SciComms - 2008 - Present
Santa Barbara area, California, US

Therapeutic product marketing advocate and institutional consultant in the regenerative medicine technology sector: medical sector engagement; physician to patient education; digital media platform communications; stakeholder community building; social media outreach; product analysis reporting; business development and patient care advocacy.

Active on various public & community platforms & via dedicated scientific forums, including as a contributor to CCRM's SignalsPaul Knoepfler's Sector Blog "The Niche"Stem Cell Assays by Alexey Bersenev.